A trivia about Fag Hag!!!

Fag hag is a slang term, which is either abusive or affectionate, for a woman who enjoys the company of gay men. Gay men and fag hags often share a very close friendship, generally closer than they have with other women or men. It is this close friendship that is the hallmark of the fag hag relationship.Some would say that fag hags are pitied based on the assumption that their fascination with gay men lies in infatuation, which will most likely never be consummated. While this is occasionally true, most fag hag relationships contain no romantic feelings; indeed, some fag hags are lesbian.[citation needed]This relationship, like most positive relationships, generally evolves out of shared interests and opinions. It offers heterosexual women an opportunity to participate in a gay community where arts, fashion, and literature are embraced and encouraged. The gay community also offers straight women a safe environment to party in relative freedom from unwanted sexual advances.In interviews with gay men and self-described fag hags the most common theme is safety.[citation needed] A rich relationship can develop between a straight woman and a gay man without sexual tension. The fag hag relationship allows the participants to separate intimacy and sexuality.The term “fag hag” does not generally carry the same negative connotations that “fag” would. The term is used, without the intent to insult, by both gay men and their female admirers.A fag hag can also mean a female celebrity that is loved by gay men, or the gay community. Judy Garland has been characterized as a fag hag (the origin of the phrase “Friend of Dorothy” referring to gay men, as Dorothy was the character Judy Garland played in The Wizard of Oz). Madonna, Cher and Ana Matronic of Scissor Sisters also qualify as fag hags.In the movie Fame, Doris is referred to as a fag hag for hanging out with a recently out gay character. Julia Roberts’ character in The Mexican developed a fag hag-type relationship with a gay hit man, Winston Baldry, played by James Gandolfini. Other media examples include the show Will & Grace and the film The Object of My Affection.The slang terms lesbro, dyke tyke, dyke mike, dyke dork, Dutch boy, dyke dog, or rug doctor have been used occasionally to refer to a male with extensive platonic friendships with lesbians, but this usage is far less common. In the case of gay men, the term dyke diva is sometimes used to define a similar kind of relationship.A straight man who has a similar affinity with gay men is termed a fag stag, but, again, this usage is rarer.


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