What is the difference between aluminum and aluminium? 

Aluminum is the American spelling and aluminium is the British spelling for this ductile, malleable silver-white metal. In 1812, its discoverer, Sir H. Davy, first called the metal alumium but then modified the word. This is one of a number of spelling differences between British and American English, such as: aeroplane/airplane, aesthetics/esthetics, colour/color, encyclopaedia/encyclopedia, paralyse/paralyze. The principle differences are: 1) a final -l is always doubled after one vowel in stressed and unstressed syllables in British English, but usually only in stressed syllables in American English; 2) some words end in -tre in British English and -ter in American English; 3) some words end in -ogue in British English and -og in American English; 4) some words end in -our in British English and -or in American English; and 5) some verbs end in -ize or -ise in British English, but only in -ize in American English. In common speech, some 4,000 words are used differently in the UK from the United States.

What is the difference between stationary and stationery?

Stationary means ‘fixed in one place and not moving’ while stationery means ‘the paper and envelopes used for writing correspondence’. You can use the a in stationary to remember it is the adjective. Stationery is a noun. Another mnemonic to help you is: let the ar near the end of stationary remind you of ‘at rest’ and the e near the end of stationery stand for ‘envelope’. Examples are: He likes to ride the stationary bicycle for exercise. / She bought stationery and ink pens for writing thank-you notes.

What is the difference between a corporation and a partnership?

A corporation is the name used in the United States for a business association established by one or more people who later sell shares in the corporation to investors. In a partnership, there are one or more owners who share jointly in the profits, liabilities, etc., and these partners are personally liable for the debts. A partnership, then, is usually created for a small company. Once the company grows larger, it is usually prudent for the owners to change over to a corporation. There are also differences between a partnership and a ‘limited liability company (LLC)’, a ‘general partnership’, and a ‘limited partnership’. The main difference between a partnership and an ‘LLC’ is that partners are personally liable for any business debts of the partnership, while owners of an ‘LLC’ are not personally liable for the company’s debts and liabilities. ‘Limited partnerships’ are very different from general ‘partnerships’, and are usually set up by companies that invest money in other businesses.

hey guys! did you get it??? hehehe I’ll be posting some of this later… have a nice day guys!!!


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