What is the difference between property and attribute?

An attribute is a quality or character ascribed to or considered to belong to, or be inherent in, a person or thing. A property is a quality or characteristic belonging to a person or thing, with its original use implying ownership, and also either being essential or special. However, property is now used to mean a quality or characteristic in general without reference to its being essential or special. In many contexts, these words can now be used interchangeably.

What is the difference between adverse and averse?

To be averse to something is to have feelings against it, to be disinclined or opposed towards it. Averse can take the preposition to as well as from and usually describes an attitude. To be adverse to something (the only preposition it takes) is to be turned in an opposite direction to that thing or acting against it. Adverse also means ‘opposing or detrimental to one’s interests’ and usually refers to things, not people. A good way to remember the difference is that the prefix of averse is ab, or away and the prefix of adverse is ad, meaning towards. Examples of each are: I am averse to watching a lot of television. / We are dealing with adverse circumstances.

What is the difference between awhile and a while?

As a noun phrase after a preposition such as after, for, in, within, one should use two words, a while. In that case, it means ‘a short or moderate time’. If one is using the term adverbially, it should be spelled as one word, awhile, which means ‘for a short time’. Examples of each are: I will stay for a while at the party. He napped for a while. / She stayed awhile at the party. I napped awhile on the couch. This topic is a fine point of grammar and for many uses only writing it will distinguish which syntactic structure one should use.

…so guys! here’s another batch for some differences that we find complicated, hehehe more of this in later post!!! c”,)


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  1. 1 recel December 20, 2007 at 5:13 pm

    nice post! soo informative! 🙂 kudos!

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