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What is the difference between dissemble and disassemble?

Disassemble means ‘to take something apart’. You can see that the word can be split into a prefix dis- and the root assemble. An example is: She disassembled the Lego creation. Dissemble means ‘to alter or change the appearance of in order to deceive or conceal; to misrepresent or pretend’. This word’s etymology is trickier: it may be a form of dissimule, which means ‘to alter the semblance of in order to deceive or conceal’. So, the breakdown of dissemble is dis- and the root semble, or ‘appear, seem’. An example of this word is: We witnessed the dissembled persecution of good citizens.

What is the difference between advice and advise?

The first is a noun, the second a verb. Advice is a noun generally meaning ‘an opinion about what could or should be done in a situation or about a problem; counsel given’ as is “You never take my advice!” Advise is a verb meaning ‘to offer advice to; to counsel’ as in “We advise you to unplug the appliance before cleaning it.” If you have trouble remembering which is which, think of the pronunciation: the verb has the z sound at the end, but you would not pronounce a word ending in -ice as -ize.

What is the difference between complacent and complaisant?

Complaisant means ‘eager to please’ and ‘showing a cheerful willingness to fulfill others’ wishes’. Complacent is quite the opposite, ‘being pleased with oneself; contented to a fault’. However, they share one meaning, which may cause them to be confused – each also carries the sense of ‘obliging, agreeable’. One could differentiate the two words by saying that complaisant is the active adverb and complacent denotes a more passive feeling. Complaisant was first recorded in 1647, deriving from Latin complacere. Complacent comes from the same Latin word, but is not found in writing until 1660.

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