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True Blue Award…


Woohooohhhh!!!! here’s another award given with mah bro noel… thank you very much bro, I really appreciate it that you always include me in the list hehehe and also thanks for visiting me often…. c”,)

…will I was able to post this in my other blog so I posted it here, so much for that… I would like to share this also to mah friend here namely: cheche, fretz, and jazevox, hope you like it guys!!! have a wonderful days ahead… c”,)


An Award called “BODACIOUS”

hey hey hey!!! I’ve got an award again hehehe, will I love awards so whatever is d’ meaning of this award I still love it, so thanks to mah friend here who give this to me, recel thanks a lot!!!!




So I would like also to share this award to mah friend her namely: belle, cheche, and charles… hope you guys love it!!! just always remember “keep moving forward” see yah!!! c”,)

Blog Buddies Award!!!

blogbuddiesaward-nova.jpg Wow!!! it’s been a while since I first started with blogging, m y sis and bro encourage me to have one since I don’t have things to do in leisure times and besides I have an internet here i n our home. Since then my bro made me one blog and he said just write anything with that blog, that you feel is cool for you to write with… so that’ the start of my blogging experience, I really don’t expect that I will meet so many nice people in it. If not with my bro who really started this out, I wouldn’t have started it. Anyway a couple day’s ago my friend and ate here in blogging handed me this “Blog Buddies Award” very much appreciated and thankful for choosing me to receive this award, so I give this to some of my blogger friends as well just to spread the love also that ate juliana and Nova shared with me.


Since I have more friends I believe deserve this, I am giving it to some of them….Marco, cheche and chikai. Hope you like it guys. Come get it when you get the chance…c”,)

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